Why Now?

One day recently, it hit me that though I piddled here and there with writing over the past two decades, I was ultimately wasting my God-given talent by never pursuing publication. I have the ability to write things in ways that others cannot, and I have selfishly been holding onto it out of fear. So I began actively pursuing this dream recently and am prepared to work hard to make it a reality. Though the dream was to become traditionally published, after doing much research into the various publishing options, I decided to become an indie author. So far, I have started my own indie publishing company and published a handful of books.

Who I Am

I am an author, a teacher, a wife, and a mother. I received my BS in Secondary Education before obtaining my MA in English from Mississippi State University, where I took classes in Literature, Linguistics, and Creative Writing. I am currently working on Children's and YA Fiction. I teach high school and also homeschool my own children. I live in the country with my husband, my three daughters, a feisty Irish Terrier, and a sassy cat on a pretty little hill where wildflowers grow.







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