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The Eerie Beach Light

By Cyrena Shows 


A mysterious light on the beach at night. The legend of a ghostly mother searching for her son. Will this be a vacation to remember or one they’ll hope to forget?

Gracie is looking forward to an amazing week at Sand Dollar Beach, Florida, with her family, but her cousin Beckett is moody about the trip. His father’s new fiancée Stella is joining them, which doesn’t make Beckett too happy. He’d rather his dad spend time with him and his sister Harper. It’s getting to him, and Gracie’s scared that his grumpiness will ruin their vacation. Will they be able to enjoy their vacation as a family? Or will the tension spoil everything?

To make matters worse, a local tells the kids about an eerie light that floats along the beach at night—rumored to be the ghost of a mother searching for her shipwrecked son. Is it really a ghost, or is there some other explanation for the strange light? Before they leave, Gracie resolves to get to the bottom of The Eerie Beach Light.

Available for preorder. 

Preorder the second book in this fun and wholesome mystery series for your favorite 7 to 11-year-old today!

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