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Reader Reviews:


"I really like this journal. Each week starts with an invitation for the reader to reflect on where they are in their journey towards having a grateful heart. This is accomplished through a short Bible passage, followed by an explanation that is easy to follow for young readers. Then there is an invitation to both write and draw as a way to reflect on the lesson. I like that this journal is direct and simple, but yet leads the user to explore the concepts more deeply through artistic expression." - Colleen

"What a great way to expose your kids to bible teachings. Sweet and adorable illustrations. Wonderful book." - Elissa Hofelt

Gratitude Attitude

By Cyrena Shows 

“Give thanks in everything, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” - 1 Thessalonians 5:18, HCSB

We serve an awesome Lord who wants us to be thankful people.

Find your GRATITUDE ATTITUDE! Combine creative writing, Bible study, and art with this cute, useful journal.

Gratitude Attitude focuses on using Biblical scripture to help you journal and create art as you count your blessings and learn to express gratitude. This activity book is perfect for the reluctant writer who responds to art prompts or the homeschool student in need of a creative writing supplement.

How do you foster an attitude of gratitude? 

Each of the 14 weekly exercises focuses on a particular scripture to help you study God’s word, journal about your thoughts on thankfulness, create a habit of prayer and scripture study, and create art that reflects gratitude to the Holy Father.

Who is this journal for?

This journal is written especially with kids in mind, but young adults and grownups will find these exercises in thanksgiving helpful, as well. Modeling gratitude for your kids as a parent will help them to see the value of gratitude. By incorporating art and creativity into each exercise, your child will find journaling and scripture memorization fun and engaging.

Skills Addressed

Gratitude Attitude: A Christ-Centered Self-Reflection Journal and Sketchbook brings together three skills children in a Christian home or school should practice: learning scripture from the Holy Bible that grows their relationship with God, practicing writing and penmanship, and developing artistic expression. This journal combines all three!


Skills include:

  • Scripture study

  • Handwriting

  • Creative writing

  • Drawing

  • Critical thinking

  • Values and emotions


Perfect for:

  • Family Bible study

  • Supplemental writing practice for any child

  • Writing supplement for Christan school teachers

  • Homeschool writing and art curriculum supplement

  • Class Bible study for youth pastors and Sunday school teachers


Each week includes:

  • One page with a Biblical scripture about gratitude, thoughts on the scripture, and a journaling activity that goes along with being thankful

  • One page that features a thankfulness bar graph and space for more reflection about finding the good in the week

  • Two pages for sketching about the weekly scripture and gratitude, more journaling space, and/or space to practice copying the scripture for that week


Each weekly scripture is meant to be an inspiration to become more grateful to the Father for His blessings and to help show children and young adults why and how to become more grateful in their Christian walk. Some examples of journaling prompts include learning to write a prayer of thankfulness, writing a song in praise of God, and naming your needs with thanksgiving. Drawing prompts include drawing a cross and surrounding it was words or pictures of what you are most thankful for and drawing a boat tossed in stormy waves but surrounded with words that make you feel stronger, safer, and happier.

This full-color journal makes a great birthday, Easter, Christmas, kindergarten graduation, 6th grade graduation, high school graduation or Baptism gift, too. Use as a stocking stuffer or for gift baskets. Parents and other adults find the value of focusing on their thankfulness to Jesus through their own journaling efforts in this easy-to-accomplish weekly plan.

Grab another copy for a sibling or friend and share the gratitude journey together!

Ages 7 and up. 63 colored 8” x 10” pages.

Buy this fun journal and sketchbook and begin focusing on your own gratitude today!

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