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Reader Reviews:


"This book is perfect for the fairy lover, the fairy-tale lover, the magical, mystical lover. The story reads like a song that reminds you of old folksongs that were sung and passed down. The artwork is whimsical and inspires lovely daydreams and imaginative play. Little ones will love reading this and then running outside and pretending they are fairies by the magical river." - Jessica Collaco

"The beautiful illustrations in this picture book compliment the catchy, magical story very well. Young girls who love fairies and magic will love the book. A great story to read aloud to little ones. I didn’t know the song the author referred to in the opening dedication, but may well now look it up! I suspect those who know it will be singing the story to the song’s rhythm and music, but the story is still catchy even if you don’t." - Kinsman Bookworm Gang

"My eldest daughter loves "The Green Grass Grows All around," fairies and everything that sparkles. This book is a perfect combination of them all with a nice magical twist." - Amazon Customer

The River Fairy's Wish

By Cyrena Shows 


A Magical Wish...
If you were a fairy who could make a big wish, what would your wish be?

The River Fairy lives in an enchanting crystal house by the lazy Dream River. What more could this fairy princess possibly want? With the help of a dazzling magical crown, the fairy's most desired wish comes true! Can you guess what her wish might be?

This lyrical story reveals the River Fairy's wish through song accompanied by the colorful, whimsical artwork of Anastasia Yatsunenko. Much of the tale follows the tune of the old folk song "Green Grass Grows All Around," and children will love the singsong quality of the story. The audiobook edition of The River Fairy’s Wish features the singing talents of vocal actor Megan Rutledge as she sings the song from the story, "Dream River Flows All Around." Listen to the provided sample to hear this wonderful song that your child will surely love.

The story concludes with the message that delighting in the innocence of childhood is even more amazing than all the magical things we make up. Childhood is a treasured, magical gift. The fairy princess realizes that the best parts of becoming human are to be able to read adventurous tales, play games, and dream beautiful dreams, which is what this fairy wants most.

"And in that house
There was a fairy
The prettiest river fairy
That you rarely did see.
And the fairy in the house
And the house made of crystals
In a sleepy fairy town,
And the Dream River 
flowed all around, 
all around,
The Dream River 
flowed all around."


Young children will delight in both the auditory and visual beauty of this magical fairy tale. If you are looking for a bedtime story, birthday gift, Christmas gift, or preschool or kindergarten graduation present, this is the perfect book! Fulfill your child’s wish for an enchanting story intertwined with art and music with this beautiful and fun book that will inspire her or him to dream BIG while appreciating the gift of childhood.

Available in ebook, audiobook, and paperback. 32 pages. 8.5" x 8.5"

Buy this beautiful book for your favorite 2 to 8-year-old today!

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