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Embrace the Beauty

By C S C Shows


You know that good friend you have that you can sit down with, maybe even after not having seen them for a few years, and talk about the hard stuff over a cup of coffee without fear or shame?


This book is that conversation with that loving and understanding person.


It's about love, loss, and lessons learned through the seasons of one's life. It's about childhood, parenthood, and growing old. It's about embracing the beauty of this crazy life no matter where you're at right now.


Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and settle into a friendly conversation as you read this heartfelt collection of poetry and short fiction. Embrace the beauty.

Buy this beautiful, heartfelt collection today!

Reader Reviews:


"I'm not big on poetry, but the more I read of Embrace the Beauty, the more I loved it. The poems, organized according to the Seasons of Life, were relatable and not too obscure to be understood, and many had some nicely resonating lines. I almost teared up reading "Rainbow Grace." The book also includes a diverse variety of well-written short fiction. Like the poetry, the stories were emotion-evoking with some lovely images. I especially enjoyed "Stage Flight" and "Beware the Mergoddess." - MLW

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