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Reader Reviews:


"‘The Mystery of the Wooden Box’ is a chapter book. This story’s main character is Gracie, whose father sometimes calls her Amazing Gracie. Gracie is at Mimi’s house. When a new neighbor moves in, Gracie goes to the neighbor’s house with her cousin Beckett. They wanted to make a new friend. They meet Cassidy and her pet dog, Hugo.

Hugo finds a box that contains a key. The three friends were curious to know more about the key, so they start looking for clues.

Will they find out where the key would lead them to? Or will it remain a mystery forever? Read this amazing mystery book to find out!

The themes of this book include friendship and family importance.

I liked the illustrations in this book. I loved how the mystery kept me hooked till the end, and I read the whole book in one sitting! 😊

I recommend this book for children five years and above.

I give ‘The Mystery of the Wooden Box’ 5/5 stars as it is very engaging and interesting. And I would love to read more books by this author." - Amazon Customer

The Mystery of the Wooden Box

By Cyrena Shows 


A box buried under an oak tree. A hidden skeleton key. And a decades-old mystery... 

When 10-year-old Gracie, her cousin Beckett, and the new girl in town, Cassidy, uncover a wooden box with a skeleton key inside it, they find themselves right in the middle of an amazing mystery that Gracie is determined to solve.


Can she help heal old wounds and repair a family rift from long ago? Or has she dug up more trouble than she realizes? While she unravels the mystery, Gracie must navigate her new friendship with Cassidy and her cousin’s jealousy.

Join Gracie and her friends as they get to the bottom of The Mystery of the Wooden Box.

Available in ebook, hardcover, and paperback. 120 pages. 

Buy the first book in this fun and wholesome mystery series for your favorite 7 to 11-year-old today!

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