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First Book Illustrated

I created the cover image first and then created a storyboard to figure out what other illustrations I needed.

This week, I worked on the illustrations for my first children's book, This Book Needs A Laugh. It took several hours to draw all the expressions and the other little characters. I wanted to go minimalist and simple for this concept, so I knew I could do these myself. It was really rewarding, too, to see the concept I had in my mind’s eye put on the actual page. I bet it is only a fraction of the excitement I’ll feel once all of this is an actual book in my hands!

I originally thought I'd only draw in black, but I decided to add in a little color here and there. Kids LOVE color!

I'm currently looking for an illustrator for another of the children's books I've written, Dream River, because I know that will go beyond my abilities. I so wish that I had studied art in college. I can see every book I write in my head, but I don’t always have the know-how to create the visual aspect of my books. It’s a bit frustrating, to be honest.

Once I get my illustrations digitized today, I'll be adding them into the Amazon Kindle Kids Book software and going from there! I hope to have my first children’s book up and running on Amazon very soon. So exciting!

Since I am on the cusp of publishing my first book, I started my LLC today, which is another exciting business step that I've been mulling over for the past few months. It was surprisingly easy. I did it all online in about 15 minutes through my state's Secretary of State website.

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