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It's a Jungle in Here Review

Part of being a writer is looking at books that you read with a different perspective. Writers read for pleasure or knowledge, sure, but we also look at books as market research, as examples of the genre we like to write in, and so on.

Over the summer, I got in a sweet little book from BookCrash that the publisher provided as a complimentary copy. It was a signed copy of It’s a Jungle in Here by Kristie Wilde. First off, the artwork is adorable. If you have kids, you know how important that is with a picture book. It is about the variety of animals God made for the jungle. What I loved most about it is that there is a small encyclopedia of the animals featured throughout the book added to the end to make learning about these new creatures more convenient. Several Bible verses are also included that help connect the book to its religious lesson, which is that God is the Creator of all these unique and beautiful creatures, and He created you, too.

The only drawback I saw to the book was that it was a softcover, which I understand as a writer is less expensive to produce and help keep the cost of the book down. As a mother, though, I also know that these books tend to get torn up and thrown away when the little ones go through the “tear ALL the books” phase! This one will go on the shelf until my youngest is past that age and can appreciate the Bible lesson and the wonderful animals and bugs included in its pages.

Overall, I think Kristie Wilde did a very nice job with this book. If you would like to purchase a copy, you can get one on Amazon here -

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