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New Chapter Books

I teamed up with some other chapter and middle grade book authors to bring you free and discounted titles this month. I hope you enjoy these books for young readers (click the book image to download the book). Check them out and head over to these authors' websites if you'd like to sign up for updates from them. If you enjoy any of these titles, I know all these authors would appreciate honest reviews posted after you've read the books. It only take a minute but means so much to us!


The Mystery of the Wooden Box (Amazing Gracie Mysteries Book 1) by Cyrena Shows

Free April 1-3

Gracie and her friends dig up an old wooden box in the backyard. Can they help solve a decades-old mystery? Or will she find that some things are better left buried?

Book 2 in the Amazing Gracie Series is available for preorder now!

Ages 7-11

Visit sign up for updates on this series! Want to be entered into a giveaway for a free hardcover copy signed by the author? Make sure you are signed up for this author’s newsletter. All current and new newsletter subscribers will be entered into the drawing.

Katt Scallion and the Oracle Bird (Katt Scallion: Space Pirate Cat Adventures Book 1) by E.K. Isaacs

Free April 1-5 & Book 2 $0.99 preorder

This series of books follows the adventures of Katt Scallion, space pirate cat. They'll appeal to children who enjoy funny stories and care about animals and the planet. Parents will love Katt Scallion as the snappy dialogue makes it perfect for bedtime reading.

For a limited time, you can get the e-book version of the first book for free and pre-order the second book of the series (releases April 30th) for 99c.

Ages 6-12

Visit to sign up for updates on this series!

The Book of Chaos (Starfell Book 1) by Jessica Renwick

Free April 2-6

When a strange book lands in twelve-year-old Fable’s lap and her cousin vanishes into its pages, she follows, hurtling into an enchanted forest filled with more danger than she has ever dreamed of. With help from her peculiar new friends, Fable must learn to trust in herself or risk losing her cousin forever. Can she save him before it’s too late?

Ages 9-12.

Visit to sign up for updates from the author!

Ethan Murphy and the Quest for the Minal (The Ethan Murphy Series Book 1) by Anita Mishra

Free April 5-6

Ethan, a thirteen-year-old boy with unique puzzle-solving abilities, heads out to rescue his mysteriously abducted aunt. He finds himself in the middle of ruthless gangs and tribes. Ethan and his team need to solve complex codes and riddles written by his dad to retrieve the centuries'-old buried treasure and rescue his aunt from a dangerous gang. Can Ethan solve every challenge thrown in his way and complete the assignment while still fighting his own demons?

Ages 8-12

Visit to sign up for updates on her series!

The Book of Astoriya-The Land of the Blooming Forest by Deema T. Kheiry

Reduced to $2.99 April 2-4

The Lands of Astoriya have been unveiled, a magical journey shall be revealed…

Eleven-year-old Sofie is lost! What started out as an ordinary visit to the Community Library, ended with her thrust into a world that she never thought possible. Armed only with the strange, dust-ridden book that sent her there, Sofie grapples to find her way back home.

But not all is as it seems in the Land of the Blooming Forest. Jasmine, Queen of the Fairies, needs help to save the land from a vicious, relentless enemy that seeks to plunge them all into a world of darkness. And Sofie is their only hope.

Follow Sofie as she fights to save The Land of the Blooming Forest, makes a few magical friends along the way, and discovers the long-hidden secret of Astoriya, and a secret of her own that she never knew she had…

Ages 9-13

Visit to sign up for this author’s newsletter or follow her on:

Maylie and the Maze (Tales of a Travel Girl Book 1) by M.L. Tarpley

Free April 14-18

Will Maylie’s dream be crushed by her own imagination? "Maylie and the Maze" follows a 10-year-old aspiring author on an inspirational trip to England filled with the shenanigans of her zany family, the mishaps of her overactive imagination, and a mysterious maze.

Ages 8-12

Visit to sign up for updates on this series!

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