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Party of Five

I have recently neglected the blog here. Last month, I went back to work as a high school teacher after two months of maternity leave, and with all of the responsibilities of our newly expanded family and having a newborn in the house again, I have to prioritize, so my blog has been low on my ever-expanding to-do list. At present, the daily needs of my three beautiful daughters come first.

I am currently finishing up my novel, Cry of Crows (I'm SOOOO close to the end!), and I'm marketing and advertising my other books, trying to increase sales and make my book rankings better for those I've already published. It's a never-ending job, so I have to temper my impatience sometimes, step away, and just write, which is my passion to begin with. I would leave off all the "selling" if I possibly could, but I also want to provide for my family, so that's always in the back of my mind.

If you took a minutes to read through this, please leave me a message of encouragement. I need all the motivation I can get right now! Have a wonderful weekend!

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