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Summer Vacation Begins!

Since last posting, I have entered a few poetry contests and have written a few other poems that I've submitted to various literary magazines. I also wrote another children's picture book, but I haven't sent it out to anyone yet. I like to write one, step away from it for a week, and then come back to it with fresh eyes to see if it needs further editing. Meanwhile, I stalk Submittable way too much, waste too much time on Twitter with my writing tribe, and cautiously check my author email for whatever may come.

I finished up giving exams last week and cleaning up my classroom for the summer. I said adios on Thursday and began my summer vacation at lunch. The school year went by quickly, but it took a lot of extra effort having a newborn in the house again this year. I usually have a coffee mug in each hand of a morning after getting way too little sleep. But thank the Lord she is now sleeping better finally! I am looking forward to spending the summer with my five year old and my one year old, reading and writing some, and doing a bit of traveling, something we didn't get to do last year due to having a brand new baby in the house. I mean, I know we could have, but who wants to with one that little??? Not this girl.

I've also got several new books downloaded onto my Kindle to read for the summer. I have seriously neglected reading here lately.

Summer, sweet summer. I have missed you. I vow to make the most of this summer.

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